Frequently Asked Question


Question: Why doesn't my listing appear after I registered?

Answer: The Administrator reviews all listings prior to becoming searchable and viewable in order to prevent duplicate submissions and to make sure the listing is valid. To expedite the review feel free to call 801-689-2902. The normal review process is 24 hours if no phone call is made.


Question: How long is the subscription?

Answer: 30 days


Question: Can I cancel at any time?

Answer: Yes, you can cancel at anytime before the next billing cycle. Payments made are for future services. The subscription auto renews every 30 days.


Question: How do I add additional cities, counties and states?

Answer: You can email us or sign up for addiitonal subscriptions by calling our offices.


Questions: Can I advertise on the banners?

Answer: Yes, The banner adds pricing is based on length of  contract and demand. 


Question: Is hiring?

Answer: Yes. Send us your resume. We are always looking for qualified Customer Services/Sales Representatives. We are hiring inside Representatives who work in our offices and remotely. All of our processes are virtual.


Question: How can my business be listed in the city of choice?

Answer: Click on the subscriptions tab in the dashboard. You can click on the subscriptions "Proceed" button and sign up for one of three subscriptions. The cost for the first city is free. When potential customers search for your type of business in your particular city your company listing will be listed as per the subscription you choose.


Question: What is the catch?

Answer: There is no catch. Your free listing is free and your paid subscriptions are paid.


As the database becomes larger, persons looking for your company will be able to find your company listed in as many cities, counties or states that you want to be listed in. If a person looks for your company in the exact city you chose then your company will be listed. If someone performs a search that is broader than your listing then your company will not be found. For best results, subscribe for the area you want to be listed in. For example: If you are located in San Juan Bautista, California (San Benito County) and you have a free listing in San Juan Bautista, and someone performs a search for San Benito County you won't be listed in the results unless your company subscribes for San Benito County. If someone searches for your company in the city of San Juan Bautista then you'll show up in the search results.


Question: Does this website have a virus?


Answer: No.