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An Attorney and/or a Lawyer is a legal professional who has the required education and experience to practice law. Attorney's and Lawyers are licensed by the states in which they reside or work. Each state has its own Bar Association.


What Attorney's and Lawyers Do

Attorney's and Lawyers do a variety of tasks to support the legal needs of companies, individuals and are licensed to practice law. They also perform such tasks as representing Plaintiff's and Defendants at Superior Court, United States District Court, Bankruptcy Court and Other Courts. If you have a legal question, it is recommended to consult an Attorney or Lawyer rather than the advise of someone that is not licensed to practice law.

Work Environment

Attorney's and Lawyers work as independent contractors or as an employee within a Law firm. They usually work full time, and overtime is sometimes needed to meet deadlines. Attorney's and Lawyers appear in court in order to represent their clients.

What is an Attorney?


An Attorney is a person who practices and interprets law for a living.  Usually the assignments are provided to the Attorney or a person who needs help representing themselves about a court case either pending or in process. 


Attorneys and Lawyers licenses are regulated by State agencies. 


Attorney's and Lawyers may specialize in Criminal law, Those who do may work with Bail Bonds companies to bail their client out of jail while they are waiting for a pending court hearing.