Subscription Packages


Free subscription are included in the basic listing.

The basic listing lists your business name, address, phone number, email address and a link to your website. The basic listing allows your company to be listed in one city.

Paid subscriptions allows you and/or your company to specify where you want to be listed. You can be listed in cities, counties and states or a combination of all three.


$0.99 for each city per month if purchased separately

$2.49 for each county per month if purchased separately, which includes all the cities within the county(ies)

$6.99 for each state per month which includes all the cities and counties within the state(s)

National Listings are available. Call 801-689-2902 for details.

Click here to sign up indexes your personal website(s) and the listing in the legal professional directory on Google. This allows and ensures that Google crawls your web pages. It does not matter how many links you have pointing to your website if the links have not been indexed. When submitting your site via Google approximately 25% of the sites actually are succesfully indexed. We have the software that ensures your site will be indexed. Google only crawls indexed web pages. We will send you a report stating when it was submitted and the date the page(s) were indexed and crawled (paid subscribers only)


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