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Free subscription are included in the basic listing. The basic listing lists your business name, address, phone ..

Website Hosting helps legal professionals promote their company by creating and hosting websites. We will have a ..

Credit Card Processing uses Evalon and Converge to process their subscriptions.    ..


Legal Professional Directory - is a legal professional directory that is comprised of Bail Bonds persons, Attorneys, Lawyers, Notary Public, Paralegals, Private Investigators and Process Servers.


Where does the legal professional directory come from?

The legal professional directory database is controlled by and the customer who subscribes to one or more of four subscriptions.

Attorneys, Lawyers, Process Servers, Notaries, Paralegals, Private Investigators and Bail Bonds companies can be added to the legal professional directory. If you or your business is located in the legal professional directory, you may suggest an update or remove yourself from the listing. You may also request that your business be included in the directory. 


Your basic legal professional directory business listing is free and for a small fee you can be listed in additional areas. Subscription packages allow your company to specify exactly where you want to be found by other legal professionals and others who may want to locate legal professionals in specific areas.Subscriptions include being listed in specific cities, counnties and states.


What are the benefits of being listed in the legal professional directory?


1) Advertising is a necessary part of doing business. The more exposure you have the more likely people will be able to find you and your business. This legal professional directory helps your business accomplish your business goals.


2) provides a link to your website. The more links that point to your website, the better. Search engines look at how many sites link to your website. The more links you have the more likely you are to rank on the first page of the search engine.


3) Paid Subscribers qualify for an extra 1/4 percent discount on already low priced credit card processing


4) is a great place to manage your legal professional Directory contacts and team. By signing up for a free account you can manage and build a powerful legal professionals team.


5) Last but not least, indexes your personal website and the listing in the legal professional directory on Google. This allows and ensures that Google crawls your web pages. It does not matter how many links you have pointing to your website if the links have not been indexed. Google only crawls indexed web pages. We will send you a report stating when it was submitted and the date the page(s) were indexed and crawled. (paid subscription vendors only)


6) We create and manage a Google Places account that is guaranteed to help get your business more leads and customers.


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